A Pumpkin Patch Craft

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and fall is in our midst. With the fall holiday coming up fast decorations are needed. A pumpkin is exactly what’s called for to make your thanksgiving table look just right. Now, this isn’t just any ordinary type of pumpkin craft, so grab your kid’s or your sibling’s crayons, and head on over to your work space to continue.

What you will need:  A pumpkin (I prefer white myself), crayon colors of your choice, heat gun, painters cloth (to cover your work area), X-Acto knife, and foil.

Optional: Paint*, paint brush, and small container of water.

Step 1: Lay down the painters cloth on your work surface and then tear off a small piece of foil to set on top of that. Gather all of your remaining supplies and set them on your work space.

Step 2: Using a X-Acto knife, slice off the paper on the crayon and set aside, or soak your crayons in water to help with taking the paper off easier. Break your crayon into small pieces, as it makes them easier to melt.

Step 3: Place the crayons at the top of your pumpkin and slowly and carefully melt them using a heat gun. Do not hold the pumpkin or crayons while running the gun! (Put the gun down and gently move the pumpkin around to create more coverage or let it stand as is.)

Step 4: Let your melted crayons dry. Viola! You have now made a stunning pumpkin to complete your holiday decorations.

*Paint the pumpkin before you begin if you would like it to have a bit more character.


Did you know that…Native Americans dried strips of pumpkin and wove them into mats. That’s what University of Illinois says.

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