A Homegrown Mess-Part Two: Quiet Skies

Last week we talked about a real-life scenario. Today, I want to expand on that.

Previously, when I told you to imagine that an undercover agent had been following you, I never specified what kind of agent. The agent I had in mind was a federal air marshal, working by the authority of the TSA.

We all know the mess that there is in this country between the government and the people. For years we’ve been subjected to various infringements. Taking another hit to our rights, the TSA has secretly been monitoring airline passengers.

In 2010, the TSA began a program called “Quiet Skies”, which involves the monitoring of passengers who aren’t on government watch lists. For years federal air marshals have been following passengers through the airport and even on the plane itself. These passengers (supposedly just those who were coming in from overseas) were and are being watched and reported on for simple things such as, but not limited to, if you are overly aware of your surroundings (who wouldn’t be?), if you use the lavatory often (maybe you have a weak bladder), or if you slept during the flight. In minute-by-minute reports, this information is sent back to the TSA. US Citizens that are reentering the country are automatically screened for the program. Those who have been surveilled, can remain in the program for 90 days or three encounters. Whichever comes first.

So, have I piqued your interest? Or are you just one on those, “it doesn’t matter anyway- I haven’t done anything wrong” people? Either way, stayed tuned for A Homegrown Mess-Part Three: Trespassing. Not interested? I would love to hear from you on why.


P.S. In no way am I anti-government. I am just an anti-infringing on my rights kind of person.




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