A Delicious Oreo Treat

Looking for a sweet snack but not sure what to fix? Well I have a remedy for that. Cream cheese and Oreos are great individually, but mixed together, they taste so much better! This Oreo dough also doubles as melted snowmen, a cute Christmas snack*!



1 package Oreos (don’t forget to save a few for snacking 😉)

1 package (8oz) Cream cheese softened


White chocolate






Put half of the package of Oreos in blender and mix until fine crumbs are made. Do the same with the rest of the Oreos.

Cut softened cream cheese into small pieces. Add pieces to the blender and mix until a dough is formed.

*If you want to make melted snowmen, refrigerate the dough until firm. Roll into 1 inch balls and dip into melted white chocolate. Add sprinkles and let dry.

Bon appetite!

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