Simple Things

Simple things. It’s the little things in life that we tend to take for granted. Something like watching a pretty sunset on your back porch. The beauty we don’t take in until it’s right there in front of you.

Christmas is definitely taken for granted by most people. We don’t think of all the hard work that had to happen for us to receive those wrapped boxes under the tree. No one thinks of all the hours and hours of labor just to make some pocket change. Or how long it takes to shop for the perfect gift and then wrap it. Also, those big dinners mom and grandma make with hours slaving over the stove.

And the ability to make those last minute day trips you take just for fun because you have nothing better to do.

So the point is don’t let the little things slip through your fingers. Don’t forget where it all came from, that it could all be gone in an instant. Always be grateful for the moments and never take it for granted.

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