On the Border

Politics. The word that sparks dread in most people the moment it is spoken. Currently, the most prominent matter in this topic is, should we build a wall at the southern border? Whether you are a democrat, republican, liberal, conservative, or whatever you choose to call yourself, we all have our own thoughts on this situation.

Illegal immigration is a huge problem in our country and it’s time for this epidemic to end. The first necessary step to achieve a solution is for Congress to fund the wall. Trump was most certainly right in allowing a partial shut down of the government until the wall opponents can come to their senses. No one is ever going to be happy with every single thing that Trump and the dems will pass, but for goodness sake; PULL UP YOUR BOOTSTRAPS AND MAKE A DARN DEAL ALREADY!

I hope that Trump does NOT back down. I pray that he stands his ground and does not cower to everyone telling him what he should do.

If you happen to disagree, leave a comment down below and tell me why!



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