Bottle Cap Jewelry

Do you have an outfit that needs a little spicing up but don’t have the right piece of jewelry? That’s okay, because I have the perfect solution. Bottle cap necklaces are an easy fun way to personalize jewelry that is unique to you.


What you need:

Round Epoxy Stickers
Bottle Caps (Either from a craft store or from home)
Rubber Cement
Metal hole punch
Nail file or sandpaper
Page from a dictionary, book, etc.
*Clasps to attach to string


1.Find a word in a dictionary or book tear the page out and save it for later. I chose the word “beauty”.

2. Punch a hole in your bottle cap. Depending on the size of your hole and your string you may need to punch an additional hole (overlapping the previous one) so your string will fit through.

3. Measure out your desired length for your necklace and then double it. Take the string and fold it in half. Take the folded end and feed it through the hole on your bottle cap. Now take the two ends and put them through the loop that you created when you fed the string through the hole. Pull the string tight.

This is what your necklace should like so far.

4. Take your dictionary or book page that you set aside earlier and place your epoxy sticker over the word(s) that you want.

5. Cut around the circle and get rid of the excess paper.

6. Put glue on the bottle cap and on the back of your epoxy sticker.

7. Place the epoxy sticker in the bottle cap and viola, you now have a unique chic necklace to go almost with any outfit.

*If you want a more traditional style necklace tie on a jump ring and clasp.

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