Defunding the Police: A Truthful Representation

Before I get to the heart of my post, I want to make something abundantly clear. I am in no way discriminating against anyone in regards to their race, sexuality, or religion. If I don’t agree with what the mainstream media says or your opinion, it does not mean that I am discriminating, am full of hatred, or am angry. I have reached my opinion by conducting thorough research. This will be the first post in a series about current events.

Defunding the police is an extremely controversial topic. Most people either agree or disagree. As for me, I am on the fence about it. I recently asked my friend (who will go unnamed) what the basis for it was and this is what she sent me.

    • “So we do need police. But at a much smaller rate. It is unnecessary to have such a large scale operation that we have now. Like my story said, way too much funding goes to police when it should be going to doctors, teachers and forces who desperately need it. For gang shootings and extreme crimes, they may be necessary, but did u know that in domestic violence situations, the majority (80%) of victims said that they would not call the police again because their abuser often got a slap on the wrist and they were further abused as punishment. And according to a poll of homeless people, they said that they would rather have a mental health technician or social worker help them than a cop, who has likely not been trained in what is actually helpful. Also, most police are not even required to take de escalation training, hence the violent, chaotic, and uncontrolled manner cops are “helping to stop riots.” Right now, 1/3 of city funds go to the police force while after school programs, shelters, clinics, etc go woefully underfunded. Defunding the police is simply moving money to where it is really needed. Police are overflowing with riot gear and bulletproof vests and shields and helmets and a bunch of other unnecessary stuff when doctors are begging for masks. So basically once we have funded the social services and trained professionals to help in specific situations, our society will benefit so much more and police won’t be called to situations that they are untrained for and are not qualified to handle.”

I can understand the argument. But I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about it, but there are definitely some good points. I do agree that some police departments get way to much funding. I mean does New York City really need almost $5 billion in funding? But if those who are for defunding the police want to redirect funds, why give them to the education system? The education system gets between $650-$700 billion in funding. So maybe instead of defunding, make stricter guidelines on what the department can spend it on. Instead of a small town in Kentucky getting an MRAP, they can update security measures or do something else with the money. Instead of schools getting supplies in abundance they don’t need, get supplies that parent’s and teacher’s are forced to get year after year. If money is properly allocated and used with strict parameters in place, there would be less issues with an overabundance or just plain ridiculous things. What NYC needs, won’t necessarily be what a small town needs.

I also agree that cops should have more than the 21 weeks to occasionally 6 months of training. Cops are taught on the criminal justice system, firearms, and basic psychology. Police should be taught de escalation tactics as only a handful of states are required to use them. It also has to be remembered that we aren’t on the front lines everyday risking our lives for strangers. Split-second decisions are demanded at times and in the heat of the moment, all training can fly out the window once fight or flight has kicked in. None of my friends are my cops and neither are most of the people who cry out for defunding of the police from what I can tell.

I also think that a lot of people who scream “defund the police” don’t even know what they are talking about. I see a lot of people say that when in reality that are talking about abolishing the police. Which I can tell you right now will not end well. I think that most people forget that police put their lives on the line every single day and expect nothing in return. They don’t make enough to support a family. They make between $40-60k a year. That barely leaves enough money to put in your pocket once bills and taxes are deducted from a paycheck. And don’t get me wrong, there is police brutality. I don’t think you’ll find one person who doesn’t agree with that. I find that most people blow it out of proportion and also forget that we are all human. We aren’t anywhere close to being perfect so people need to stop expecting people to be and then getting mad when it turns out they aren’t. Everyone is going to make a mistake. Whether it be your neighbor, a policeman, or even our esteemed president. I will always proudly support the good men and women in uniform who protect this country. But police brutality is an in-depth conversation for another day.

So in the end, I am okay with defunding the police, but ONLY with strict stipulations.

I hope that what I have said sinks in and I hope you can make a properly informed decision based off of it. Continue to do your research and let’s keep this country great. 🙂


I would love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment down below! *Please note, any hateful or vulgar comments will be promptly deleted.


  1. I think that law enforcement should not be defunded but feel more training is needed. To suggest that de-escalation training is the answer neglects the split second decision making that is often involved. You can’t do both in most circumstances because criminals, those impaired by drugs and those off their mental health meds will not be de-escalated. Cops do need more mental health training, period. Many agencies may seem well funded but aren’t. Looking at the total budget numbers doesn’t get the full story. Funding covers overhead, salaries, death benefits, retirement benefits, and so many more things that an average person doesn’t consider. Law enforcement already suffers from lack of adequate equipment and as you mentioned, salaries. What about more education for the public and in schools? I think media has perpetuated the love all or hate all view people have towards law enforcement. This needs to be rectified first along with concurrent additional training then dive deeper into budget allocations.

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    1. I can agree with that. There definitely needs to be more training. I feel that if there was more training, especially with mental health, there would be a lot less negative news in regards to cops. You make a great point about budget numbers! That is something that isn’t talked about often. When you start taking away money from the system, cops are left with even less money in their pockets.
      I agree that there should be more education in the school system. But the money needs to be allocated in a stricter sense. Why waste money on an over abundance of supplies that aren’t needed, and spend the money instead on actually educating the students?
      The media is a huge problem when it comes to the truth. They make it out to be that all cops are bad, when it reality, the good cops will always outweigh the bad. No one is perfect, including the cops, and that is something the media needs to understand. They also need to be unbiased, contrary to what they are today. They unfortunately have a far left agenda when it comes to reporting the “facts.”


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