Controversy over the National Anthem

I’ve seen several articles today about changing the National Anthem. Are you freaking serious!? The country we are living in today is not one that I think our founding fathers expected. This country may have its roots in slavery, but we can’t let that past define who we are as a people now. If people want to change the anthem, what’s stopping them from changing the flag to represent the socialist country that we are becoming? If you stop talking about race, you end racism once and for all. Stop making it about a white man and a black man. Make it about this good man and this bad man. I can not believe that I am growing up in a world that thinks a song written over a hundred years ago is offensive and racist. This song represents not only our freedom, but is a tribute to the millions and millions of veterans that have and are serving. You can’t claim to be American and then kneel for the anthem. It’s a disgrace flat out. I have asked several people, both vets and civilians, and all but one has agreed at how disrespectful it is to kneel. Kneeling is for the cross and nothing else.

Unfortunately, this is just another political stunt by the democrats to leverage more upheaval, which in turn leads to votes. I hate to see that something as simple as a symbol of our freedom has now come under fire.

As Americans, we must push through this and prevail. Protect this symbol because eventually it won’t just be a symbol of freedom that is gone. It will be our actual freedom. Rise up America, and let’s be that great country we were before all this mess was started.

*Thank you to Luke Michaels for the flag photo.

Veni. Vidi. Amavi.

“Once a year go somewhere you’ve never been before.” ~Dalai Lama

When you have an adventurous spirit like I do, traveling is fun and exciting. It’s hard to keep track of all the places I’ve been. But what about the places I haven’t been? I’ve never once been outside of the states, but it doesn’t stop me from dreaming about it!

We all have a bucket list of sorts. I have tons of things on my list, but in this post, I want to talk specifically about what’s on my travel bucket list.

  1. Step foot in all 50 states. I’m almost halfway there!
  2. Visit Australia. I don’t know where yet specifically in Australia. I just want to go.
  3. Visit where the Berlin Wall once stood in Germany. I’ve always wanted to go to Germany since I was a kid. Germany is probably at the very top of my travel bucket list.
  4. Visit the City of Lights, a.k.a Paris, France.
  5. Visit the Titanic Museum in either Pigeon Forge, TN or Branson, MO.
  6. Israel. As a history buff, I would be in historical heaven with all of the biblical and general history that there is in Israel.
  7. Float in the Dead Sea. While yes, this is technically in Israel, this is a more specific destination. And plus, how could you go to Israel and not float in the Dead Sea?
  8. See the Aurora Borealis. Besides being a cool thing in life to witness, it offers AMAZING photography opportunities.
  9. Greece. Maybe I can finally get a tan.
  10. Niagara Falls. Either the NY or Canadian side is fine with me. Again, AMAZING photography opportunities.


This list wasn’t in any particular order. It’s also not necessarily my top ten destinations.

(I do not necessarily share the belief of the person cited, but this is a good quote nonetheless.)

Let me know in the comment section down below your travel bucket list.