Constitutional Rights Under Fire…Yet Again

I should have known better that I would have to discuss this again. Is it really so hard to obey our rights? Republicans and conservatives alike are fighting for our rights and their lives as Election Day draws nearer. They are receiving threats. They are being bullied and harassed all because they are supporters of Trump and are right-winged. What happened to their first amendment right? No where to be found when it comes to scared little liberals. Apparently they only people who have rights are the liberal democrats. People are being censored on social media platforms all because they are posting facts. We can’t tolerate this! People need to understand that under our First Amendment we are guaranteed the right to free speech. Whether you like what I say or not, it doesn’t matter, because speech is protected. At least that is how it should be. But since I don’t agree with mainstream media and don’t agree with the Black Lives Matter movement, I am wrong and my opinion is “extremely problematic and potentially harmful.” Regardless that an opinion can’t be wrong. But I digress. I will always respect someone else’s opinion even if it doesn’t align with mine. But you are wrong if you think that it’s okay for our constitutional rights to be under fire. For a lot of people who scream equality, especially democrats, aren’t actually about equality. Specifically, when it comes to republicans and conservatives disagreeing with them. This has gotten way out of hand.

With that being said, let me be very clear, I will not back down without a fight and I guarantee you millions of Americans won’t either. I dare you to try and take away our rights and let me tell you, you will have tyranny on your hands in a fight you can’t win. We Americans aren’t going to sit idly by while our rights are slowly fading away. Today it’s free speech, tomorrow it’s guns.

On the Border

Politics. The word that sparks dread in most people the moment it is spoken. Currently, the most prominent matter in this topic is, should we build a wall at the southern border? Whether you are a democrat, republican, liberal, conservative, or whatever you choose to call yourself, we all have our own thoughts on this situation.

Illegal immigration is a huge problem in our country and it’s time for this epidemic to end. The first necessary step to achieve a solution is for Congress to fund the wall. Trump was most certainly right in allowing a partial shut down of the government until the wall opponents can come to their senses. No one is ever going to be happy with every single thing that Trump and the dems will pass, but for goodness sake; PULL UP YOUR BOOTSTRAPS AND MAKE A DARN DEAL ALREADY!

I hope that Trump does NOT back down. I pray that he stands his ground and does not cower to everyone telling him what he should do.

If you happen to disagree, leave a comment down below and tell me why!