L is for What?

Valentine’s Day is a huge holiday for business and couples. Besides there being “love in the air”, a lot of us tend to think about what we love. (Especially us single people 😉)

So I challenged myself to finish the sentence I love… in 10 different ways. Some of these are true, others, just mere poetics.

I love how your eyes sparkle in the moonlight.
I love the smell of decadent chocolates.
I love the smell of old books.
I love the way my heart beats to the sound of the music.
I love how there is bible verse for any and every life situation we are in.
I love how I live in a country that allows me (for now at least) to share with people my thoughts on different topics.
I love the sound of a baby’s laugh.
I love my friends and family and all they do for me.
I love all the beauty that can be found in nature.
I love when it snows and it blankets everything in white.


What are some things that you love?

Lost in the Beat

Besides being an avid photographer and book reader, I am also an avid music listener. Music is my life line so to speak. From the slow calming melody of classical music, the headbanging involved in rock music, to the (sometimes) weird ways I dance to pop and country music-I crave each when I listen to music. I pretty much listen to music 24/7. When I go to sleep, music is playing in the background. When I study, music is my partner. When I dance, it’s the lead.

So with all of that information, here is a list of some of my favorite songs.

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody~Queen
  2. Bury a Friend~Billie Ellish
  3. Must be Doing Something Right~Billy Currington
  4. The Four Seasons- Spring in E Major~Antonio Vivaldi
  5. Hey You~Pink Floyd
  6. Dreams-NF
  7. Second Chance~Shinedown
  8. Sweet Child O’ Mine~Guns N’ Roses
  9. You and Tequila~Kenny Chesney
  10. Chicken Fried~Zac Brown Band


High school dances are something we remember for the rest of our lives. From the music, to the friends we hung out with, to the guy or girl we danced with, and even the hilarious photos we took.

Besides graduation, nothing can compare to winter formal or prom. We can spend a night not having to worry about passing an upcoming test or senior deadlines that are fastly approaching. The only thing we have to stress over is “Do I look alright?”

At my most recent formal, the dj spun an abundance of tunes, covering that of pop, country, and rap. I’ve listed links to some of my favorites played that night and a few I was surprised to hear.

Journey~Don’t Stop Believing
Metallica~Enter Sandman
Dan + Shay~Speechless
Nirvana~Smells Like Teen Spirit
Queen~Bohemian Rhapsody
Abba~Dancing Queen



Song Out of Context

Song. What do you think of when you hear the word? Do you think of what the song inspires? Or maybe a hard time that a song got you through? Or maybe song motivates you to get things done. No matter the case, song has kept us comforted for centuries, and will continue to do so.

For me song means a lot. Song plays in the background almost anytime I’m with friends, when I’m doing schoolwork, or nothing in particular. I enjoy so many different bands and artists that I couldn’t even name most of them.

I’m not sure why, but these lyrics appeal to me.

“I’m a traveler of both time and space…” ~Kashmir – Led Zeppelin

“Hey don’t write yourself off yet
It’s only in your head you feel left out or looked down on
Just try your best
Try everything you can
And don’t you worry what they tell themselves when you’re away…” ~The Middle – Jimmy Eat World

“And all the roads we have to walk are winding
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding
There are many things that I
Would like to say to you but I don’t know how

Because maybe, you’re gonna be the one that saves me
And after all, you’re my wonderwall…” ~Wonderwall – Oasis


“My eyes are open wide
By the way
I made it through the day…”

“I just saw Halley’s comet She waved
Said, “Why you always running in place?”
Even the man in the moon disappeared
Somewhere in the stratosphere

Tell my mother
Tell my father
I’ve done the best I can
To make them realize
This is my life
I hope they understand
I’m not angry, I’m just saying
Sometimes goodbye is a second chance…” ~Second Chance – Shinedown


“I don’t mind you comin’ here
And wastin’ all my time, time…” ~Just What I Needed – Cars


***In no way am I depressed, doing drugs, or anything else that some people may associate with some of these lyrics. I just like them. Don’t read too much into this post. This is simply about some lyrics I like, taken out of the song’s context.

A Techno Mockery

At some point in our lives we’ve mocked our parents for not being tech savvy. But is that justified? I’ll give you one word. Phonograph. Or as some of you may have heard it called-a turntable. Just looking at one you would think it’s easy to just put a record on and play it. Right?


When my mom brought a turntable home I was thrilled but then I became completely baffled. How does it work?  Like, how do you know where to place the needle for a new song to play? I kept asking questions.

Turntables today are generally portable, rectangular, and have a top and bottom that opens.  The most difficult part when trying to play a record is perhaps the needle. When playing a record you have to be very careful with how you place the needle. You risk scratching it, which in turn makes the record skip permanently . This of course makes it challenging to play a specific song on the vinyl. But with a little practice, it’s not that hard. There are three different record sizes. You have your 33, which is the most common album size. Then you have the 45, which doesn’t have many songs on it at all. Lastly, the 78, which is the least common. Just like everything else, turntables need care. Depending on how much you play your record, your needle will eventually need to be replaced. Your records will also have to be cleaned if you want your music to sound crisp and clean. Special brushes and cleaning solutions are sold to ensure that you can safely do so. (I should also mention that most modern turntables even come with Bluetooth, radio, and sometimes aux.)

I am fairly tech savvy. I Excel at using Microsoft Office products, especially PowerPoint (pun intended). WordPress of course is a piece a cake. Laptops, desktops, and smartphones are easy peasy. I even know how to do other desktop publishing.

But this experience of learning how to use old technology has led me to the realization of how nonsensical our techno mockery is. We should think twice before mocking the older generation for not knowing how to use a smart phone. (It does after all take me 5 minutes to type one word on a flip phone.) While I am not a Luddite, trying to use a turntable for the first time sure made me feel like one. My point is that some of us may not be as tech savvy as we think we are.