Black Lives Matter: The Truth Behind the Movement

We’ve already had this conversation, so why must we continue to talk about!?  Have we not already established that Black Lives Matter is not only racist, but is also selective in which black lives actually matter? You’ve never heard about David Dorn because the media didn’t report it. He was a retired officer in St.Louis. He was a hero. But don’t forget about the countless other black lives that have been lost over the past few months that you haven’t heard of. Why aren’t you screaming Black Lives Matter for them? Do only convicted felons who were justifiably shot by white police matter? What about the millions of black babies that are aborted year after year? The founder of Planned Parenthood built up that murderous organization with the sole purpose of killing black babies. So tell me, why are you only crying out for Rayshard Brooks, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd when there are so many other black lives that go unrecognized?

No one is denying that Floyd wasn’t murdered, so why can’t we move on from that? You’ve said your peace now lets keep moving. Brooks was not murdered and frankly neither was Breonna Taylor. The media will only ever report what they want you to hear, which most of the time is fake news. The whole point of BLM is an agenda by the left as a ploy to get votes. If racism was really as big of a deal as the media and democrats make it out to be, don’t you think that your black president, Obama, would have dealt with that issue? The left is very scared of Trump holding the presidential title for another four years. Election years have always been the wildest in America. What better way to keep the people distracted from the real matters at hand than by creating false flags to guilt them into voting for no good people. Nobody in this world is perfect and the Bible proves it. So people need to stop acting like someone is and then get mad when they make a mistake. Trump is human just like everybody else so he is bound to make mistakes. I am not a huge fan of his character but his policies and leadership are pretty good. He has made strides for the black community in the past four years. Black are at an all time low for unemployment and poverty. (Before corona.) Blacks are no more oppressed than any other race in this country.

If you want to end racism, take Morgan Freeman’s advice and stop talking about race. It is that simple. Stop making things about one race and instead make it all inclusive for all races jobs. #AllLivesMatter, including #BlueLives.

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Controversy over the National Anthem

I’ve seen several articles today about changing the National Anthem. Are you freaking serious!? The country we are living in today is not one that I think our founding fathers expected. This country may have its roots in slavery, but we can’t let that past define who we are as a people now. If people want to change the anthem, what’s stopping them from changing the flag to represent the socialist country that we are becoming? If you stop talking about race, you end racism once and for all. Stop making it about a white man and a black man. Make it about this good man and this bad man. I can not believe that I am growing up in a world that thinks a song written over a hundred years ago is offensive and racist. This song represents not only our freedom, but is a tribute to the millions and millions of veterans that have and are serving. You can’t claim to be American and then kneel for the anthem. It’s a disgrace flat out. I have asked several people, both vets and civilians, and all but one has agreed at how disrespectful it is to kneel. Kneeling is for the cross and nothing else.

Unfortunately, this is just another political stunt by the democrats to leverage more upheaval, which in turn leads to votes. I hate to see that something as simple as a symbol of our freedom has now come under fire.

As Americans, we must push through this and prevail. Protect this symbol because eventually it won’t just be a symbol of freedom that is gone. It will be our actual freedom. Rise up America, and let’s be that great country we were before all this mess was started.

*Thank you to Luke Michaels for the flag photo.

Are you a Racist, or are you just being Offensive?

In the midst of the most recent pandemic– the coronavirus– people are losing their minds over stupid jokes about the origin of this illness. People have long since thought that jokes about a certain race is racist. But is it really? To be a racist in the truest since of the word, you must think that your race superior above all others. With that being said, calling some a “Cracker” because they are white doesn’t make me racist, because for one, it’s true, and number two I don’t think that calling someone names whether it’s true or not makes me superior because of my skin color.

Since we’ve covered that making jokes about people whose skin is a certain color, do coronavirus jokes fit into this criteria, or are they truly racist? Absolutely not! This is were the word offensive comes into play. Since these jokes aren’t racist it makes them offensive to those who don’t have thick skin. I understand that it may be worrisome to some people, especially when their children are made fun of because of this. It’s heartbreaking that people look at Asian people and they are bullied and attacked because of where they come from. I am in now way saying that any joke about any race is okay, most of the time they are wrong. But it’s okay to laugh. It’s okay to make jokes. But just realize that it may be wrong. That there is a time and a place for this kind of thing.

“Don’t worry, the Corona Virus won’t last long… It was made in China.” This joke is defintely wrong, but it is very funny. This joke is not racist at all. It may be offensive to Chinese people, but it’s not racist.

And my all time favorite coronavirus joke: Kung flu. (If you know, you know.)
Credit to my cousin for this material.

With that being said, educate your children. Teach them the difference between racism and being offensive.