Monopoly on Fun

Do you remember those long, sometimes grueling family game nights?  Those nights full of laughing, complaining (that was all you dad), and us all getting bested by that one member of the family (I’m looking at you mom). A lot of my childhood memories are of sitting at the kitchen table spending hours and hours playing board games.

I played tons of board and card games as a kid, so I want to share with you my all time top ten favorites.

  1. Monopoly – If you didn’t play this game when you were little, you didn’t have a proper childhood.
  2. Mastermind – It took years before my mom taught me the strategy to win. (One of the only games I can beat my mom at.)
  3. Chess – I learned this good ole’ classic game of strategy when I was five and have been playing ever since. (I’ve still only beat two adults in all the time I’ve been playing; which is a long time.)
  4. Battleship – Nothing better than a game of sinking people’s ships. (And their hopes of winning.)
  5. Trivial Pursuit – I can’t tell you of all the moans and groans I’ve gotten over the years when I suggested playing this. (One of the few games that my dad can actually beat my mom at.)
  6. Chinese Checkers – The only checkers game I can stand to play. Some of my best memories are playing this game with my grandmother.
  7. Uno – Probably the coolest card game ever invented. (Nothing like the priceless facial expressions made when your opponent is down to one card and you whip out the draw 4 card.)
  8. Poker – Though I only learned this a couple of years ago, it holds many memories and is a great game to play, especially if you are short on time.
  9. Bingo – A game entirely of luck. I’ve lost too many games to count.
  10. Parcheesi – Talk about a classic.  A game for pretty much any age.

I just want to mention a few more that didn’t make it on my 10 ten list, but that I still enjoy: Guess Who, Pick-up Sticks, and Jacks.





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